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Youth Workshops Return


April 6, 2022

On March 28, the Montana Actors’ Theatre (MAT) announced a return of their youth workshops. The first series will run from April 4—May 11, and the second will begin on May 16.

In the first six-week session, One Acts: Writing, Development and Performances, youth will be invited to explore the process of writing their own scripts. According to MAT Marketing Director, Andi Daniel, this series of classes will help youth develop a one-act play through a series of writing exercises and creative development. From among class members, a cast will both form and rehearse the finalized scripts for a public presentation in May.

The workshop sessions will take place at the MSUN/MAT Theatre on Cowan Drive on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Laptops are encouraged for these classes which will cap at 20 youth writers.

For anyone who is late to learning about these workshops, Daniels commented, “They can join late. We can catch them up!”

The second series, Make-up and Prosthetics will transpire from May 16-30.

A promotional announcement suggests: “This two-week workshop may leave you unrecognizable! Maybe a new nose, maybe you will age 30 years, maybe you will become a whole new species; let’s get together and find out!”

According to Angela Pratt, Youth Activities Director, makeup and prosthetics can change anyone into an unrecognizable character. “Theatre would not be able to suspend disbelief as well as it does without this amazing art form.”

During the two weeks, participants will learn various techniques and processes for applying makeup and facial prosthetics. They will also learn casting, molding, sculpting and painting techniques that will enable them to create their own prosthetics. With these creating skills as take-aways, students can continue to hone their craft as they become masters of disguise. At the close of this course, MAT will host a disguise line-up for the public to behold and encourage a vote to determine who is the most unrecognizable.

Those interested in applying for or seeking additional information on either of these sessions is encouraged to visit the MAT webpage for youth programs: or to contact Pratt by calling 406-945-0272.


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