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LifeLine Project to Present in Chinook


April 13, 2022

Based in Missoula, Montana, the LifeGuard Group will be making three presentations in Chinook on April 27. They will be conducting a 7-12 student assembly at 10:00 a.m. in the Floyd Bowen Gymnasium at Chinook High School (CHS); a teacher/staff training at 2:00 p.m.; and a community rally at 6:30 on Wednesday evening in the Lloyd Sweet Auditorium at CHS.

The 60-minute LifeLine Assembly: Human Trafficking will share age-appropriate information with students about this frightening trend. According to statistics shared by the LifeGuard Group, every 34 seconds, another teenager enters a life of exploitation. Awareness is a weapon against such exploitation. With their LifeLine assembly-a project enhanced by a 300 square foot video wall, as well as a full sound and light production-the LifeGuard Group hopes to inspire students, teachers, staff, and administration to protect the vulnerable among us.

Using video, humor, testimonials, and interactive dialogue, LifeLine's school assembly program is designed to empower students to be the difference makers in their school and community. The assembly will further equip students to recognize and respond to those who are at-risk and encourage them to speak up and take action against the injustices around them.

"I'm so excited to help bring vital information and response tools to the Hi-Line area," Renda Kelly stated. "Armed with information about human trafficking and its signs, we can all respond and report those who may be involved in this form of exploitation."

According to Kelly, this response will begin with a pushback against the current social etiquette of minding our own business. "Awareness is a weapon that cannot be ignored. Once we're aware, we can be someone's lifeline to safety. Use your brain, your eyes, and your mouth. If you see something suspicious, say something," Kelly said.

Kelly currently serves in an advocacy role for the LifeGuard Group. As a spokesperson for their LifeLine program, Kelly's primary function has been in spreading awareness. LifeLine educates, empowers, and equips people with information so that they can facilitate in the rescue process. Their primary platform for spreading this message is school assemblies, group meetings, and rallies.

On Wednesday afternoon, the interactive faculty and staff training will familiarize teachers and school officials with human trafficking and equip them with the resources needed so that they can answer questions and address student concerns.

Finally, a Community "Comeback Rally" will provide an opportunity for parents and other community members to take advantage of the LifeLine experience and to hear their message. The Rally will focus on statistics, red flags, and resources so that attendees are equipped with the knowledge and tools required to be on guard for their fellow community members. Provided by JUMP youth group members, childcare will be available during the Rally.


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