We've Got The County Covered

'Beeter Boys 4th, Girls 10th at Cal Wearley, Chinook, Harlem, Hays/L.P. in Great Falls Saturday

It was a huge week on the track and in the field for all four of our local schools. On Tuesday the Sugarbeeters, Wildcats, Thunderbirds and Tornadoes were all in Havre at the Middle School Track & Field Complex for the rescheduled Cal Wearley Invitational. Saturday the teams from Chinook, Hays/Lodge Pole and Harlem were in Great Falls at the newly remodeled Memorial Stadium for a huge State Tournament Preview Meet hosted by the Belt Huskies and Fairfield Eagles.

With the season quickly winding down and the post season just around the corner, coaches are busy getting their athletes in position...

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