Turner High School Celebrates 2022 Prom


June 8, 2022

The 2022 Junior and Senior students had a wonderful prom this year. They enjoyed all the activities that led up to this moment throughout the week. They are L-R: Trever Kimmel (Senior), Charlie Calvert (Junior), Shay Humphreys (Senior), Dakota Krass (Junior), Lacey Hickel (Senior), and Laci Maloney (Senior).

The Juniors of Turner High School completed the 2022 Prom with nothing but great memories. A theme of a beach party decorated the school gymnasium with lei's, palm trees, shells, and flowers. The Junior students and parents prepared a delicious prime rib meal for the Jr./Sr. banquet, of which the students and their dates, school board and parents were invited to attend. Following the banquet, pictures were taken and that led up to the prom dance. Pippen dj and karaoke served as music.

Far Left: The 2022 Prom King and Queen were crowned early in the evening at this year's prom in Turner. They were Queen, Lacey Hickel and King, Shay Humphreys. Congratulations to them. Left: The two Juniors, Dakota Krass and Charlie Calvert were crowned Princess and Prince at the 2022 Beach Party Prom.


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