The 'Trailer' is What Makes a Swim Meet Work


June 15, 2022

The all volunteer crew collects, verifies and uploads every swimmers time after each event to keep an accurate fluid record of what happens. Each Federation Division (East/West) has its own trailer that travels from meet to meet each week. Both then upload the results to a group Federation Site for accurate record keeping.

The 'Trailer' as it is referred to is where all the results are processed, saved and eventually uploaded to the Montana Federation of Swimmers Headquarters. There are two divisions in the Montana Federation of Swimmers organization, East and West. Each has its own trailer that is maintained and staffed by each meets host. Swim teams pay a fee for each swimmers individual entry into the meet and those funds are what pays for upkeep of the trailers and maintenance of the system. The host team also receives a portion of the entry fees.

At the conclusion of each meet the Host team crew that operat...

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