Three Blaine County Youth Win Scholarships from Triangle Communications


June 22, 2022

Last week, Triangle Communications announced their scholarship winners to the public. On the list are three Blaine County youth: Laci Maloney, a graduate of Turner High School and the daughter of Brenda and Chris Maloney; Allison Powell, a Chinook High School (CHS) graduate and the daughter of Cody and Sonia Powell; and a second graduating senior of CHS, Liam Edwards, who is the son of Tammy and Sean Edwards.

With eligibility dependent on the applicants' receiving landline, broadband or mobile service from Triangle Communications at their home addresses, the winners secured their $1,000 scholarship awards after being rated on various criteria. In the area of academics, a 2.5 or higher grade point average in addition to competitive ACT or SAT national test scores were required to qualify. Other areas of measurement included Community and School Activities, Leadership, Volunteer Service, Employment Experience, and a Personal Statement.

Each applicant was further required to secure a third party E-Value-Ation, an electronic/online recommendation form completed by an unrelated individual. These evaluators commented on several key values, including honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, commitment to growth, communication ability, accountability, and intentional decision-making.

In her personal statement, Maloney shares her career aspiration to become an occupational therapist and her educational plan to attend Rocky Mountain College in Billings. "My passion is to serve others, which is why I am pursuing occupational therapy to help others learn, recover, and meet their everyday goals. I also aspire to enhance or improve their overall quality of life. I believe Rocky will give me the proper education and confidence I need to be the most successful with my career."

Powell's statement also outlines her career path. "From the time I was a little girl, I thought I would be a neonatal nurse. However, during my junior year of high school, plans changed when I walked into first period accounting. My initial thoughts were that this was going to be an easy course, but perhaps a little boring. After all, I already knew how to write a check and how to identify the difference between a debit and a credit card. My eyes opened quickly when I dove into the notes and didn't fully comprehend what I was reading-from T charts to assets. The challenge had me hooked. After that first day of accounting class, I knew that I wasn't meant to be a nurse. Instead, accounting would be the career for me. While my career plans have changed, I still have my eyes set on attending a smaller college since I grew up in a small town and have attended a Class C school all of my life. For those reasons, I selected MSU-Billings. It has a small campus but is in the biggest town in Montana, a combination which will give me the best of both worlds."

To capture the selection committee's attention, the third Blaine County scholarship recipient, Edwards writes: "I love serving my community. Whether it's putting on a drive-in theater, hauling food for the food pantry, or raising money for school staff members diagnosed with cancer, I have loved every moment of my involvement. The fact that I enjoy serving my community has compelled me to pursue a degree that would help me continue to do so. I was accepted into the Davidson Honors College at the University of Montana and will continue my education there. The DHC offers resources like special classes, community service opportunities, mentoring for internships, and extra career advising. Currently my major is undecided, but I am confident I will have the resources I need to narrow down a course of study that is both applicable and fulfilling. Although I am unsure where my post-secondary journey will take me, I am confident that when I put forth my best effort, I will accomplish great things. My journey thus far has given me the tools and motivation to strive for more."

For a complete list of scholarship winners, interested individuals can visit the Triangle Communications' Facebook page.


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