You know you're on the Hi-Line if...


July 27, 2022

Regardless of the season, there's a good chance that on the Hi-Line you'll encounter at least one entrance door to a building "locked due to wind." Some structures are built with elaborate pass throughs to combat the wind, but because of the unpredictable wind directions even architectural innovations may fail to stop slamming or hard to open doors.

Readers of a certain age may recall little "jokes" that people used to make about where they grew up or where they were currently living. The jokes were usually introduced with something like, "You know he/she lives in 'such and such a town' because they never pay any attention to the 'yield' traffic signs"....or some such 'insider' joke about the behaviors of residents of a particular place.

When fax machines first became common there were jokes galore, flying from office to office, about identifying where someone was from or living based on some peculiar behavior. Then came computers, whi...

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