They're back... Turkey vultures make annual visit to Chinook


August 3, 2022

This closeup of the girders and guywires that support Chinook's newer water tower shows part of the flock of about 40 turkey vultures that drop in to rest from time to time during the summer. Originally confined to the south, the turkey vultures have expanded to all 48 contiguous states in the U.S. Increasing numbers have been showing up here each summer.

Alert "Journal" readers will recall a story I wrote back in 2017 about turkey vultures-the huge black birds often seen gliding over Chinook and its environs. I first noticed them a few years ago on the 'new water tower' in Chinook at the southeast corner of town. On a recent walk just before sundown I was in that area and saw a huge number of 'black dots' on the water tower from the railings around the tank to the lower beams and guy wires that stabilize the tower. Up close I counted about 20 of the scavengers peacefully perched on the tower.

Linda Sharples, who lives near the tower, was in...

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