4-H Indoor Department Entries Impressed the Judges


August 17, 2022

The Blaine County 4-H Indoor entries for the 2022 Blaine County Fair awed the judges as many of them were amazed at the quality of work being submitted by many of the 4-H Members. Grand Champions were crowned in 23 different categories and another 15 categories earned Reserve Champion ribbons. Entries were presented to the judges in their allocated spots within the Blaine County commercial building beginning at 1:00 pm Wednesday afternoon and continued until the final entry was judged just early in the evening.

Just walking through the 4-H Indoor Exhibit barn visitors were quickly impressed, just as the judges were to the level of work and craftsmanship on display. From the Welding projects on display just as you walked into the Display Boards featuring well thought out and put together displays. Aspen Burcham's Shooting Display featuring the .22 Small Boar Rifle was an interesting study. The Leathercraft, Gardening and photography entries were meticulously displayed as well. Unique categories like 'Junk Drawer Robotics' and Visual Arts displays were also very interesting to learn about. As always, the cooking and the baking entries left visitors wanting to sample a taste as the headed out the west door. From the Grand ribbon winner to the red ribbon winner all the entries were beautifully displayed.

This year there were four baking categories to be judged with Grand ribbons being awarded to Kyra Berreth (Baking 102 & 103), Sydney Bowles (Baking 101) and Jacob Metcalf (Baking 104). Reserve ribbons went to Ben Hofeldt (Baking 101, Lillian Skoyen (Baking 102) and Gracie Skoyen (Baking 103). Three Club Activities Grand Champions were crowned including Jessa Schroeder, Lillian Skoyen and Hannah VanVoast.

Five categories included a pair of Grand ribbing winners. In Leathercraft, Ethan Klingamen was the Level 1 Grand ribbon winner while Natalie Richman was a Level 3 Grand ribbon winner. Piper Fox was awarded the Reserve ribbon for Level 1. Welding had Hayden Berreth winning the Level 1 Grand ribbon and Evan Davies being awarded the Welding Independent Study Grand ribbon. Gracie Skoyen won the Visual Arts: Drawing, Fib and Sculp Grand ribbon while Jana Snedigar was awarded the Visual Arts: Arts and Crafts Grand ribbon. The Cooking Independent Study Grand winner was Hannah Richman, Hannah Burcham was the Cooking 101 Grand winner. In the photography department the Photography 1 Grand ribbon went to Isabella VanVoast and the Photography Level 3 grand was awarded to Hannah Schoen.

Sydney Bowles was the Quilting Level 1 Grand ribbon recipient. Clara Laird won the Small Animal display Grand ribbon and Isabella VanVoast was the Junk Drawer Robotics 1 winner. The Large Animal Display Grand ribbon went to Avery Fox. Hannah VanVoast took home top honors in the Cake decorating 1 category and Brooklyn Sohn was the Gardening A Grand ribbon award winner.

Hats off to all our Blaine County Indoor Grand and Reserve category winners. To be awarded such an honor is recognition of a well-conceived and well executed project from start to finish. The time required to complete a project may vary with some taking months to complete, can't grow a garden in a day. Some projects can be done in just a short time, even just a day. Regardless of the time spent on the project, the ability to complete the task at hand at a level high enough to earn the categories top honor is a testament to the ability of each entry's creator.


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