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Edward J Brown Jr

Edward J Brown Jr., also known as "Curly Brown" was born to Edward Brown Sr. and Frances "Frosty" Brockie, June 26, 1961.

He attended Harlem Schools and lived in Harlem his whole life. Ed loved to visit. He was kind and pleasant to all he met and this was his highlight in visiting everyone he could. He knew everyone in Harlem. Curly was very hard working and very dedicated. He worked for the Harlem School District for 26 years. He cleaned the buses and was the assistant janitor. He retired in 2004. He also had his own lawn mowing business, purchasing his own lawn mower and supplies to get the job done. Ed delivered newspapers in Harlem and his area was the Little Rockies Senior Center in Harlem. He enjoyed doing this because he got to visit everyone.

One of his highlights in his life was when he was elected President of the Consumer Group for the Horizon Center. His greatest strength was his ability to advocate for himself and he spoke up on issues. He was passionate about each client. He had the ability to express himself being around others, especially the ladies.

Edward married Beverly Guardipee on September 12, 1981. During this time, a son was born, Shawn Brown. Due to medical reasons with both Ed and Bev, Shawn was adopted. Ed kept in touch with his son for years, but as time went on, Shawn's family moved around the country and contact with Ed was fewer and fewer. Bev and Ed separated but remained friends.

Ed loved his "Brown" and "Brockie" family so much. His interest in knowing where he came from and who he was related to brought and interest in doing a family tree on both sides. He knew who he was related to and when he would see them. He made a point to visit them. He missed his Dad a lot and would go visit his grave on many occasions and always decorated it throughout the year.

Edward was a huge Wildcat fan. He went to many sporting events and cheered the cats on, and was especially proud when he knew relatives who played. If he couldn't make the games, he would always listen on the radio. He felt so sad when the cats lost.

Ed lived in a three-bedroom house with two roommates. They took turns cooking, each did their own laundry, and made sure his room was clean. He invited Dixie and her family for supper many times when it was his time to cook.

Ed was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-tooth disease in July of 2008. As the disease progressed, he ended up in a wheelchair. This disease affected his feet, legs, speech, his balance, and his hands. This was very hard for Curly, especially when he could no longer work. But this did not stop him in his everyday living. He was very independent and did things on his own. His assistance was for his safety and health which he accepted.

Ed was surrounded by his dear cousins Dixie, Clinton, and Wanda Brown when he passed away in Great Falls. Dixie became his guardian in 2018. Both Dixie and Curly had many fun adventures, travel, lots of visits, went to BBQ's, had holiday meals together, picnics in Mission Canyon, lunches in Havre and Zortman, and his highlight was going to Glacier Park. Edward "Curly" will be missed so much, especially his daily calls he and Dixie started.

Edward has gone to be with the Lord and waiting for him with open arms are his parents Edward Brown Sr. and Frances "Frosty" Brockie, his sister and brother Sissy and Rollie, his Brockie grandparents Clarence and Mary Fox Brockie, Brown grandparents Jim and Mary Brown, and all his many relatives to welcome him.

Edward is survived by his only living uncle Joe Brown Sr., his sister/cousin Dixie Brown, Joe McConnell, and Gaylynn, his favorite cousin Clinton Brown, and many more Brown family members, also his huge Brockie family, also to mention Cathy Aarogon who always asked about Curly, and Nancy Adams who let the family know about Curly in his sickness and death. These ladies were so helpful to me and guided me in taking care of arrangements. I apologize for not mentioning all family members but Curly loved you all!

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