Some thoughts about life hacks


September 13, 2023

I had to prove to myself, and readers, that a Dorito would really burn. Here's a photo of a burning Dorito we lit with one kitchen match and it took off. Later I did a handful under a pile of sticks and the Doritos caught the sticks on fire. And why do they burn? Per the internet: "Doritos' primary ingredient -- corn -- is a carbohydrate that burns well, even hotter than wood...Doritos are deep fried in oil which also provides fuel for burning."

Alert readers may recall a few weeks ago I wrote about my approaching tenth anniversary writing for the "Journal" (December, 2023). Reviewing my list of "stories I wish I'd written" I found today's topic: life hacks. Some readers may not recognize the term as the phrase was only coined in the early 2000s. But likely every reader has indulged in creating life hacks. They are everywhere and they make our lives survivable.

The term "life hacks" was created by a journalist writing about a gathering of computer professionals. He coined the term to describe the "shortcuts productive IT (informati...

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