Richard Wayne Messerly


September 20, 2023

Richard Wayne Messerly, 48, a construction worker, passed away unexpectedly at his home in Missoula, MT. September 7, 2023. Richard was born to Glenda Messerly and Ted Bell Sr. and stepmother Kathy Wing at Fort Belknap Hospital on May 9, 1975.

Growing up Richard and Ted were inseparable, and the boys liked to be outdoors playing. They spent a lot of time with their uncles Leon and Jim and Aunt Shirley. They learned how to fish and hunt, hiked, and helped get wood for winter. They also liked to sled and have fun.

Richard attended school in Harlem, Hays, and Dodson. He dropped out of school and got his GED May 30, 1996. At the age of 18, he left home to pursue a good job. At the time of Richards passing he was working in building construction.

Richard is survived by his mother Glenda Messerly of Harlem, MT and Ted Bell Sr., step mother Kathy Wing of Lodgepole, MT, brother Ted Bell Jr. of Fort Belknap, MT, sisters Rachel Messerly, Terry Ann Messerly, and Crystal Bell, all of Fort Belknap, MT, Aunts Shirley (Jim) Bell of Lodgepole, MT, Roberta Messerly of Fort Belknap, MT, Angelina Bell of Crow, MT, Uncles Jim (Shirley) Bell, Mike Messerly of Lodgepole, MT, Dean (Ramona) Messerly of Hays, MT, Gordon (Susan) Messerly of Billings, MT, Doug Messerly Sr. and Leon (LaWanda) Messerly of Harlem, MT.

Richard is preceded in death by a son Jayde Stiffarm; maternal grandparents Glen Messerly Sr. and Mary Leona Messerly; paternal grandparents Preston Bell and Sina Bell; Sister Del Marie Bell; brother Mike Bell; niece Amanda Lynn Messerly; nephew Zackery Tyler Horn/Messerly; aunts Diane Healy, Marjorie Snell, Carol Jean Doney, and Barbara Ball; uncles Robert Messerly and Billy Bell.

If any name was left out, just know it was not intentionally and please accept our apologies.


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