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Chinook Holds A Successful Red Cross Blood Drive

Chinook Blood Drive

On November 14, 2023 the Chinook community hosted the Red Cross Blood Drive. We had 51 donors registered with 45 productive units. We had 6 first time donors: Addison Olsen, Alexus Seymour, Hope Huckabee, Robert Reid, Leonard McKee, and Cheyenne Weigand. Thank you for becoming donors and giving such a valuable gift.

Door prizes were awarded to Tess Langford, Addison Olsen, Sandi Boardman, Jennifer Allen, Julia Briere, Crystal Huckabee, Leonard McKee and Stephanie Grimes.

The Canteen was hosted by the Ladies of the Alliance Church. Judy Johnson, Roxanne Townsend and Linda Th...

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