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James Claud Stiffarm

James Claud Stiffarm, 71 was born on August 1, 1952 to Helen Marie Striker at the old Fort Belknap Hospital, Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. He was the eldest of 3. James was adopted by his grandmother, Katie Capture Stiffarm, and grandfather, John Stiffarm Sr., and raised in Dry Lake Montana. He was raised in Dry Lake with Louie Stiffarm, Lenore Stiffarm, Carl Stiffarm, Matthew Stiffarm and many of his cousins. He attended Mission School in Hays, Mt, then attended Wahpeton in North Dakota, and then later went to Riverside Indian Boarding School in Anadarko, Oklahoma, and then decided to obtain his GED to finish. He later attended Missoula Vocational Technical College where he became a certified Machinist.

Bubsy's beliefs were both traditional and Christian based. He sundanced many times and attended church with his wife Cheryl.

James was known to all of the family and friends as Bummy or Bubsy. He had a love for cars and motorcycles. He owned and built a few classic Harley Davidson Motorcycles. He owned some very fine vehicles throughout his life and always loved tinkering. He was a hot shot mechanic and could easily diagnose and fix anything. He was also a horse whisper, the true Jack of all trades. He would own his own junkyard nestled along the Snake Butte Road in Fort Belknap.

During his lifetime he had several relationships. From his relationship with Sparrow early in life he had two still born babies. The first was a boy, James Jr., and the second was a girl. They did not name her. Moving on in his life he met Linda Weaselboy, and from that relationship Dianna was born. He later on met Beak, Karen Lawrence and they spent many years together. After this relationship he met the love of his life, Cheryl Perry Stiffarm, they married in 1999 and dedicated their lives to each other until his passing.

Bubsy and Cheryl moved to Spokane, WA and spent many happy years there. They adopted and raised their grandson Treyton. Bubsy had a way with kids, dogs, and horses. He had a kind and gentle heart. They moved and worked at Chemawa Indian Boarding School in Salem, OR. During Bubsy's lifetime he took in all of his nieces and nephews at one time or another and helped with all of their upbringing.

He is preceded in death by his grandparents, John and Katie Stiffarm that raised him, his mother Helen Striker, his maternal brothers Sherman and Kim Jones. His siblings Edward Filesteel Sr, Ramona(Albert) Cliff, Thelma (Dee) Yellowtail. Bernard Striker, Louie Stiffarm, Lenore Stiffarm, Carl (Butter) Stiffarm, Edward Filesteel Jr, Rudy Yellowtail, Merlin Yellowtail, and Joey Yellowtail. He is survived by his beloved wife Cheryl Stiffarm, his daughter Diana (Mike) Weaselboy, and his grandchildren Michael, Michelle, and Takoda. Grandson Treyton Stiffarm, Brother: Matthew (Jakie) Stiffarm. Tom (Amy Yellowtail) Alan (Gail) Cliff,Sister: Jackie Yellowtail, Ann Martin. Many nieces and nephews and grandchildren, too many to name. If we forgot you please forgive us. It is not intentional.