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Chief "Earth" Woman Main

Chief "Earth" Woman Main 46, passed on December 16, 2023 at her home in Hays, Montana.

Chief Earth Woman Main also known as "Earth" was brought into this world on December 16, 1977 to Audrey Hoops and Wesley Main Sr, in Havre, Montana. She was the first born grandchild of Melvin and Geraldine Rutherford and Melvin and Shirley Hoops and was also the first born granddaughter of her paternal grandparents the late Gerald and Christine Main, so of course she was doted on from the day she was born. Her mom Audrey has a special memory of her best friend Monte Leo giving Earth her first bath.

Earth grew up to be a leader and always protected her younger family members; she was the best baby sitter and best big sister to all of us. She had an outgoing personality and one that would make you laugh until your stomach hurt. She had a way of turning even the worst situation into a better one and was also that shoulder you could cry on. She had her special way of connecting with the kids in her family and she loved to hug and kiss them up and tell them how handsome or pretty they were, every time she saw them no matter how old they got. Even when they grew up to be 6'1 and towered over her she still called them baby. Earth really loved hanging out with all "the boys" Wy J, Ken Dirt, Darryl, Cole, Bigday, and Louie. Her favorite spots to go were her dad's house, Big Warm, and to sit and visit loved ones at the family cemetery. She loved to sing "Happiest girl in the whole USA" country music was her "go to". She also loved the comfort of her own home and sharing life with her "spring chicken" Max for the past five years. Her energy was so extreme, but in the best way. She brought so much excitement and craziness to our families and we all knew there would be a good laugh when Earth walked in the room.

Her true love and passion was her children and grandchildren. They were her world especially them grandbabies. She had a special bond with her grandson Calvin and she loved her Caddy calling out "Gwama Percy". Even in her sickness she would let the world know that these four were her reason for living. There is nothing she wouldn't do for them and they all knew the love she had for them.

Earth is survived by her companion Max White Jr. of Hays; parents, Audrey Hoops of Harlem; Wes Main Sr. of Lodge Pole; grandparents, Melvin and Geraldine Rutherford; children, Lola and Wyman Bringinggood, of Lodge Pole; grandchildren, Calvin Dale Fortin and Catalia Brandi Fortin of Lodge Pole; siblings, Mable Olivia Hoops-Main of Chinook; and Mary Ann Hoops of Fort Belknap; adopted daughter, Sue Ann Quincy and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and other extended family and friends.

She was preceded in death by her maternal Grandfather Melvin Hoops, Paternal Grandparents, Gerald and Christine Main; Brother, Wes Main Jr. Aunt, Laurie Main; Uncle, John Main; Cousins, Brandi Hoops and Donald "Hanny" Cole.

Apologies if we have forgotten anyone in our time of grieving, it was not intentional.