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Erin Lynn Margaret Ramberg

Erin Lynn Margaret Ramberg, affectionately known as ELMR, to her friends, was born August 11, 1969 to Warner Ramberg and Lois Schroeder Ramberg. She grew up on the Home Ranch, South of Lohman, on Clear Creek. She passed away January 20th at Benefis Hospital in Great Falls, MT from sepsis.

Erin attended schools in Chinook, Millar College of the Bible in Pambrun, Saskatchewan, and Dahl's Beauty College in Great Falls.

Erin was active in her Church and was affiliated with Northern Christian Fellowship at Montana State University-Northern. She worked at KXEI Highline Radio Fellowship in Havre. As a Domestic Engineer, perhaps she cleaned your home or business.

Erin was crazy about animals, and always had favorite cows in the herd. Come Spring, she was the Top Brander.

Erin loved her chickens, with the exception of chick-a-biddy-short-shanks. He had a gleam in his eye and had it in for her. He'd stalk her, and she could barely outrun him. He'd look up at her perched on the top rail of the corral, flap his wings and crow.

Saturday afternoons were 'dog days' at the hospital. I'd watch Erin drive up, The Mitz riding shotgun and Joe policing the backseat. I loved seeing them walking across the parking lot, the dogs leaning heavily into the lead ropes, tugging Erin along. Soon they'd be pressing on my door and would rush in for hugs and kisses.

Erin and I would laugh and feed them treats and let them lap cold water out of hospital cups. Wagging tails, laughing mouths, and shining eyes, added joy to Erin's life.

Erin cared deeply for people. Her love was reflected back as her family and friends surrounded her bed in Benefis Hospital and wept and sang and prayed as she slipped away into the arms of Jesus.

Erin Ramberg was preceded in death by her father, Warner Ramberg. She is survived by her mother, Lois S Ramberg and her step-father, Herbert F Vasseur.

A funeral service was held on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 at 11:00 AM at Fifth Avenue Christian Church in Havre, MT. Memorials may be sent to KXEI. PO Box 2426, Havre MT 59501.

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