Molyneauxs Honored at Fairfield Game


February 7, 2024

On Thursday night, February 1, following the girls' varsity basketball game against Fairfield, members from the Chinook High School Pep Club, Addison Olsen and Hannah Schoen made a presentation. Both Principal Matt Molyneaux and Athletic Director, Teacher, and Coach Paula Molyneaux, who will be retiring at the end of this school year, received recognition and were honored for their years of service to the school district.

Speaking on behalf of the student body, Olsen delivered a short speech before turning over the microphone to former Chinook School District Superintendent, Jay Eslick. While speaking about the dedication and contributions made by the Molyneauxs, Eslick invited those in the audience who had been taught or coached by the pair to stand as a show of how far their influence has travelled. The number standing gave visual testimony to how many lives the Molyneauxs' mentoring has impacted. After Eslick's words, Olsen presented the Molyneauxs with a bouquet of flowers.

About her role in planning the ceremony, Schoen stated: "As Pep Club members, we know that the Molyneauxs have been at the school for many years and are a large part of how the school runs so smoothly. We have been taught and coached by both of them, and we knew that they needed something special to commemorate their retirement."

Mr. Molyneaux, who called himself "a short timer to the district," has served in the Chinook School District for 23 years. After this school year, he will retire from his 22-year position as Chinook Junior and Senior High School Principal. He has also been involved with athletics for a number of years. For fourteen of those, he served as Head Coach of the Sugarbeeter Football program. He has also been assistant coach in football, basketball, golf, track, and even volleyball.

Before coming to Chinook, Mr. Molyneaux served in the Havre system for eleven years. About his time at the helm in Chinook, the always humble Mr. Molyneaux stated, "There are many more that have dedicated in excess of 25 years of service."

Although Mr. Molyneaux is unsure about his next steps in retirement, he spoke about the possibility of doing something part time to potentially remain connected to the school. Only time will tell what form that connection might take or even if it transpires.

With additional time invested, Mrs. Molyneaux has served for 35 years as a teacher in Chinook, 26 years as track coach, six years as assistant basketball coach, and 22 years as volleyball coach, with nineteen of those as Head Coach of the Sugarbeeters. In 1999, she also took on the role of Athletic Director and has served in that role for the past twenty-five years.

About her time with Chinook schools, Mrs. Molyneaux said, "It has been a good run. Chinook is a great place to live and work. Time flies when you're having fun." The pleasure aside, she suggested that she is looking forward to the change of pace that retirement will offer.

According to Pep Club Advisor Faith Hofman, her student group talked about presenting the Molyneauxs with a plaque and dedicating the trophy case in the gym to them, as their names (as coaches) or those of their children are on many of the trophies. About that prospect, Schoen explained: "Unfortunately, we were unable to get a plaque in time for the game or get approval for the case. However, we hope that the Molyneauxs know that we, as a student body and as a town, appreciate them."

Olsen is still working with the student council and with Superintendent Mr. Fred Hoffman with the hopes of dedicating a trophy case in honor of the Molyneauxs. "If all goes to plan, we will unveil the newly dedicated trophy case sometime in the spring," she said.

The presentation of those two honors will likely take place at the Winter or Spring Sports Awards Banquet.


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