Highway US 2 section could become Montana's first toll road


March 27, 2024

This map shows the proposed toll road would follow the existing route of Hwy US 2 from about Lodge Creek on the east edge of Chinook to the turnoff at the west edge of Harlem where State Route 396 (also known as Central Avenue West) intersects with US 2. Thru travelers would access the toll road at either of these points depending on their direction of travel. Other access points, for local traffic, would have to be determined.

A recent press release from a group calling itself the Montana Study Group for Toll Road Implementation (MSGTI) is advocating for the construction of toll roads in Montana. Toll roads are built by investors who recoup their construction and maintenance costs, and hopefully earn a profit, through fees paid by road users. A fee is required of all vehicles that travel a toll road.

Montana is one of only 15 U.S. states that have no toll roads, bridges or tunnels. The MSGTI group is exploring novel ways to generate money to build new roads or repair existing ones and maintain them with an income ge...

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