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Charles Joseph "Matt" Dillon

Charles Joseph "Matt" Dillon "Kills Enemy" (Taktet' Kte'), age 60, was called back to the Creator on Thursday March 14, 2024. Matt was born to Dewitt Louis "Pinky" Dillon and Jolene Buck on December 20, 1963. He was born in Pine Ridge, SD. The family also resided at Eds Creek in the Big Horn Mountains. He attended Chemawa Indian School however, at heart he was a true Holy Rosary Crusader.

When Matt lived in Eds Creek he would wait for his Dad, Uncle Frenchy, Uncle Duane, and the boys to get home from ranch work with his worthy Dog. Matt and his dog both had bad eyes so they would wait by the gate both squinting with one eye shut or open; anyone who knows Matt knows that his one eye was still crazy.

Matt's best years were spent on the pow-wow trail, he was a Champion Fancy Dancer. He was a true momma's boy, he always had the best bed on the pow-wow trail. He was raised in very traditional ways, well known for his artwork, he had a true gift from his heart through his hands to create stunning regalia. Matt was very proud of his Lakota ways he was a real AIM'ster (AIM).

Matt married Pam Red Cloud in 1985, together they had 3 children, Tony, Marilyn and Charlie, all of whom he loved very much. Later in life, Matt met his current wife Theresa Bear Cub and from this union they had Dane and Devon. Theresa has been his life partner and best friend for the past 33 years.

Matt was the only interior/exterior house painter for FBHA for many years, during this time he looked up to Gordan "Slick" Ball with great respect. His work truck was the fanciest, dressed up Native work truck around, he drove it with pride.

One of his favorite past times was watching Rodeos with his brother in-law, Wes Cochran. In regard to the professional rodeo world, Matt knew the names of all the top hands, even the bulls and horses. The conversation would always end up with the Jacob boys from Pine Ridge. You always knew when Matt was in a room. He enjoyed sitting around his home telling stories and laughing with his buddys and his sister, Glenda Messerly.

Matt helped his mom raise his grandsons, Jakob and Desmond, he thought the world of them. His granddaughter, Nikayla Dillon Horn also held a very special place in his heart. He was very proud of all his grandchildren, Arianna Dillon, Dalton Dillon and Lashay Dillon whom all came to visit him recently.

Matt is survived by his wife, Theresa Bear Cub, mother, Jolene Dillon, children, Dane, Devon, Marilyn, grandsons, granddaughters, Sisters, Cricket Dillon (Wes), Lyolene Dillon, Misty Dillon, and numerous nieces and nephews.

Matt is preceded in death by his dad, Pinky Dillon, sons, Charlie Dillon and Tony Red Cloud, brother, Alec Dillon, sister, Monica Dillon, Grandmas, Grace Pourier, Florence Longknife, Lorraine Dillon, Grandpas, John Dillon, John Capture, Joe Buck, nephews, Derek Dillon, nieces, Dannell and Liani Stiffarm, Lynnell and Dannell Wing, and Pam Red Cloud, cousin Jonah Buck & numerous Lakota brothers from the Ridge.

His nieces and nephews will greatly miss their Uncle Matt. We know Matt is up there at a "Vish" AC/DC concert with a dandy stand displaying his artwork.