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Kody Michael Farmer

Kody Michael Farmer, surrounded by his entire family until the final minutes when his beautiful daughters had the last goodbye, found his pain-free peace on Saturday, May 11th, passing from natural causes after a long and brutal battle with Crohn's Disease.

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Kody had a lifelong affinity for the area that came full circle, first in 2020 when he was flown to the Burn Center at the University of Utah following his house fire, and then again in April 2023, when he began a long residency at the George E. Wahlen VA Hospital. There he was treated like family by many caretakers who gave their all to help him heal. The Utes became a central focus for the entire family as representatives inspired him through his final journey, even welcoming him for a private stadium tour (stadiums were a passion of Kody's), tailgating and basketball game.

Kody was gifted with an incredible imagination that in his youth led to grand adventures in his rural Havre neighborhood where he ran wild with his sisters and a gang of friends. Moving to Chinook in 1978, he became a committed Sugarbeeter. He spent his summers at the swimming pool where he excelled, especially in backstroke and making friends from across the state. He was incredibly intelligent and able to pass his classes with little effort, to the chagrin of his sisters who had to study much harder. He had a photographic memory that made him a trivia expert and he especially loved sports trivia.

Kody played football and participated in a little track and field in junior high and high school but was more known for his Dominique Wilkins jersey and shooting endless three-pointers at our driveway's plywood backboard, playgrounds, and the high school gym.

The ink had barely dried on his diploma when Kody entered the Navy in June of 1988. He was stationed on the USS ANTIETAM in June of 1990 at the time of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Along with his shipmates, they entered the Arabian Gulf on August 6 during the very turbulent first days of Operation DESERT SHIELD. He was an IC3 (Interior Communications Electrician, 3rd Class Petty Officer) and earned numerous commendations, including the Navy Unit Commendation and Southwest Asia Defense Medal and Battle "E" (4) for his time on the ANTIETAM. He also received the National Defense Service Medal, Sea Service Deployment Mission Medal, and Navy Good Conduct Medal. Kody was extremely honored by and grateful for his service to the United States of America. It was among his greatest accomplishments.

Following his service, Kody met Nichole Brown, and the two were married in 1995. They welcomed to the world two amazing daughters who truly were his pride and joy. He reveled in their happiness and was always seen with them around town. From coaching and later supporting Makhayla in basketball, volleyball, and track and field, to encouraging Tonii in her gift of art and learning and loving golf with her, Kody loved being their dad. He was endlessly proud of Makhayla's kindness and generosity, her work ethic and grit. And he was deeply honored by Tonii's enlistment in the Navy where she served as a medic and plans to return.

Kody also excelled at writing and became beloved by many across the hi-line for his detailed and passionate sport and human-interest stories as a writer, since 2008, for the Blaine County Journal News-Opinion. Every word he put on paper was meant to uplift and celebrate athletes, teams, and communities. He put his soul into his work well into the advanced stages of his illness, writing throughout until his hands no longer worked. He leaves behind a legacy of beautiful, loving stories that so purely highlighted the people and places he loved, and also reflected his heart.

At his core, Kody loved to positively impact people. As an activity director at the Sweet Nursing Home, he noticed the unnoticed and gave special care to make each resident feel valued. As a sports enthusiast, he encouraged every kid to reach for his/her potential. He did the same with people who cared for him. His friends meant the world to him. He loved to cook and to watch cooking shows. He loved golfing and being a board member at the Chinook Golf Course. He loved doing Jaeger Bombs with Mike Seymour and their buddies while swinging clubs. He loved animals. He loved America.

Kody's life wasn't easy, but it was simple. He never cared about things or had any pretenses. Though he started leaning left near the end (only in his bed FT), he maintained his strong conservative values throughout. He loved God, Country, family, and his friends. And boy was he ever loved back.

Kody is survived by daughters, Makhayla Rae Farmer and Tonii Marie Farmer; parents Michael and Michele Farmer; sisters Jodie Farmer DeLay, Suzanne Michele Farmer, and Julianne Alice Farmer Henry; brother-in-law Trevor Henry; nieces Jacquelynn Michele DeLay (Ryan Patrick Gallogly) and Taylor Anne Eoff; nephews Dylan Scott DeLay, Braden Linzy Eoff, Brody Michael Farmer Henry, and Beau Hunter Farmer Henry; and great nephew Callan Shane Gallogly; as well as brother Mike Seymour and his friend and mother of their children, Nichole Brown, and many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

While we may set up a scholarship in the future, for now, we ask that in his honor, you make donations to your own vacation fund – don't wait to take that adventure; don't wait to connect with that long-lost friend; don't forget to be grateful for everything you have and that you can do; forgive and forget; be kind; and mostly, love each other. You never know how much time you'll get.

A celebration of life is planned for Kody on Sunday, June 23rd at 11:00 a.m. in the Chinook High School gym with a reception following immediately after in the multi-purpose room. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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