We've Got The County Covered

Robert Lane Reynolds

Bob was born February 24, 1964. His family moved to Chinook when he was three years old. He was homesick for his old home and told his mom, "I don't like this house. Let's go back to our old one."

Bob attended schools in Chinook. He took piano lessons starting when he was eight years old from Gladys Burkhartsmeyer. He often changed the music up to make it his own, and, according to him, "more interesting." His teacher would tell him, "This sounds good but that's not how it's written."

Bob loved people, kids, and dogs. And they loved him back. He never met a stranger. Once he met you, you were always his friend.

Bob drove truck for many years, hauling grain and hay. His claim to fame was hauling the world's largest Big Bud tractor from Florida up to Havre.

Bob had many life-long friends including Cody Powell, Allen Gruszie, Jeff Nissen and Kenny Nelson. More recently he's become like a dad to Russ Walton.

Bob is survived by his mother June Reynolds, brothers Dean, Ron and Dave, daughter Charity, nieces Mindy, Madison, Tori and Tylyn, great-nieces Alice and Vicki, nephews John Tyler, Jon Martin and Jonathon, and great-nephew Jody John, his Aunt Evie and Uncle Gordon, and several cousins. And those are just his blood relatives. He's got all kinds of young people around town who think of him as "Uncle Bob", plus more friends than you can count.

He was preceded in death by his father John, sisters Cheryl and Vicki and nephew Shawn Inman.

This past year, since Bob's mom moved into Sweet Home, Bob became a favorite to residents and staff with his friendly and helpful ways. Everyone was always glad to see him. Starting in March he became a volunteer van driver, taking residents on fun drives to various places. Bob will be missed by people of all ages.

Memorials are suggested to Sweet Home or one of your choice..