We've Got The County Covered

Chinook Senior Center

Hello From the Chinook Senior Center

We are continuing on with many delightful activities and feel very blessed to have all of the varied activities and classes that we can.

Today, we have Gene Allen, Sherry Neuens, Lynn Heggen for fabulous music. So nice to hear the Accordion, as well as the Penny Whistle! Fun! Fun is so good!

We are scheduling our Picnic for our wonderful volunteers, who help us all out, here and who comprise a team of absolutely wonderful people. This will be held on Sat., June 29th @ 1:00 at the Scout/Sweet Park. If you have not been in, recently, please come in and sign up! We would love to have you there!

The All -Class reunion is coming up and there are many activities scheduled. Check them all out on line and see where you can meet your old acquaintances.

We will once again be scheduling some Diamond Dotz art classes on Tues., July 16th as well as Tues., July 30th, @ 1:00, so please call and let us know that you will be here for this one. We have many nice projects from which to choose.

We still have music each Friday, at 10:00, performed by what has previously known as the “Kitchen Band”.

We have 2 Card Parties scheduled for Friday, July 12th @ 2:00, as well as Friday, July 26th. Please call and sign up. The HOT weather is coming, so you should come on in and stay out of the sun. We have COLD ICE TEA, HOT COFFEE, CORNHOLE, CRIBBAGE, MUSIC, DIAMOND DOTZ, PAINTING CLASSES, COOKIES, BINGO AND FUN! If you are short of fun, come on in. We are rapidly approaching our Independence Day celebration, where we all stop to think of what we are all entitled to in this country! Our Independence, thanks to those who gave all.

We will be holding our Annual Meeting, with the election of some open positions, within our board of directors. We are praying for people with a heart for our Center, our Community as well as with joyful hearts. The meeting is scheduled for Wed.., July 10th @ 11:00. There will be no absentee voting. Your votes all count. Please stop in and see if your membership is paid up, so that you may vote!


Wed., June 26th: Breakfast Casserole

Thurs., June 27th: Chicken Parmesan

Fri., June 28th: Roast Beef Dinner (birthday dinner)

Mon., July 1st: Chicken Chili

Tues.,July 2nd: Taco Salad