We've Got The County Covered

Triangle Communications Provides Education Support

When Triangle Communications recently announced their 2024 High School and Undergraduate Scholarship Winners, six Blaine County youth were among the 27 award recipients. From Chinook, Quentin Edwards, Liam Edwards, and Morgan Friede received scholarship awards. Other Blaine County winners were Cordell Denny from Hays; Kaitlynn Johnson, a graduate from Harlem High School; and Destiny The Boy, a graduate of Hays-Lodgepole High School.

With eligibility dependent on the applicants' receiving landline, broadband or mobile service from Triangle Communications at their home addresses, the winners secured their $2,000 scholarship awards after being rated on various criteria. In the area of academics, a 2.5 or higher grade point average, in addition to competitive ACT or SAT national test scores, were required to qualify. Other areas of measurement included Community and School Activities, Leadership, Volunteer Service, Employment Experience, and a Personal Statement.

Each applicant was further required to secure a third party E-Value-Ation, an electronic/online recommendation form completed by an unrelated individual. These evaluators commented on several key values, including honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, commitment to growth, communication ability, accountability, and intentional decision-making.

To secure their financial support, winners must complete a Scholarship Award Request after the successful completion of their fall semesters of school. An academic transcript accompanies this request to verify that the candidate has earned a 2.5 cumulative grade point average or higher.

Triangle Communications awards up to twelve scholarships at $2,000 to high school seniors. These awards are eligible for renewal, recurring for up to four years. The same number of scholarships are available to undergraduates in college, and up to five trade school scholarships, recurring for up to two years, are awarded through Triangle Communications and their Education Support and Opportunities program.