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    Theresa Danley|Jul 3, 2024

    I’ve always enjoyed road trips. If I have the time I prefer taking to the open road than to the air. Recently I found myself traveling south more regularly than usual but what a beautiful time to hit the road. The season’s rains have cast an emerald glaze over every horizon which feels as refreshing as cucumber slices to the eyes. No, I didn’t go anywhere for a spa treatment, but my senses were revitalized just the same. As the miles rolled by I found myself hanging onto a blush of purple along the road side and wondered if that was flax alrea...

  • Debt Free Living

    Theresa Danley|Mar 20, 2024

    Debt-free living. That has a pleasant ring to it, doesn’t it. Those three simple words have a way of invoking a sense of freedom. They clash with today’s norms of mortgages, high interest rates, credit card and consumer debt - where we spend, spend, spend on someone else’s dime in a thrillingly euphoric (and often expensive) period of grace. But that grace period ends when the creditors come to call. Ultimately, we are brought to account for our indebtedness. The time comes to pay back (with interest). We become enslaved to paying for our p...


    Theresa Danley|Jan 24, 2024

    Holiday – it’s a word that originated from an old English word meaning “Holy Day.” It’s a fitting word for our end of December celebrations – no matter its old English or modern English contexts. But here in the thick of January, the glitter of Christmas has faded. The echoes of new year celebrations have diminished down a canyon of life moving on per usual. As lights disappear from the eaves of houses and the parched evergreens lean against back door steps, the extended hours of darkness feel especially long in our holiday hangovers. We stumbl...