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Hogeland Happenings


August 1, 2018

Congratulations to Shyan Krass on her achievement at Summer League Basketball Camp at the College. She received a letter of intent to play basketball at Northern when she graduates high school. What an honor!!

Caleb Zellmer attended Flathead Bible Camp this past week. He and Pastor Ellen attended.

Last weekend, Cassie Handran, August, and Evelyn spent the weekend at the Dave Cornell home staying with Grandpa Dave and Grandma Teresa enjoying doing farm things. This weekend, Teresa took him back to his parents in Scobey.

Allan Gryde passed away this past week in GreatFalls. His sevice will be Tuesday at 11 at the Hogeland Lutheran Church.

Brenda and Terry Mohar took grandson Colter to the Fort Peck Theratre to see “The Little Mermaid”.

Mary Ellen Deloach went to Ralph and Nancy Sniders last Sunday and had a taco meal at the Sniders, along with Sandy and Ron Thompson.

Carol and Jim Klapste left Monday morning for their home in Wisconsin after spending some time with the Deloachs visiting friends in the area.

Sandy Beck spent Wednesday and Thursday in Billings . While there she stayed with Dixie and Dennis Roseleip.

Helen Billmayer enjoyed having a little coffee party last week at her home. Betty Billmayer, Sandy Beck and MaryEllen Deloach enjoyed the visit.

Dakota Krass was confirmed Sunday at the Hogeland Lutheran Church. A brunch in her honor preceded the service. A nice crowd atended the service. Grandmother Bev Inman came out for the occasion. Best Wishes Dakota on your confirmation!!

Wayne Deloach returned Monday from Wisconsin. He flew into Havre and they picked him up there.

John Wing spent Wednesday-Saturday at the Anderson home visiting friends. Sylv Mohar stopped in Wednesday morning, and Aaron VanValkenburg and Megan Johnson in the evening.

On Wednesday night, Wayne and MaryEllen Deloach, John Wing, Ryle and Patty Simons and Ron and Sandy Thompson had supper at the Turner Bar. Afterwards, they all went out to visit Nancy and Ralph Snider.

Sandy Beck was in Chinook on business on Tuesday.

Mark and Betty Billmayer visited Helen and Jim Billmayer at their home Sunday.

Gene and Susan Billmayer visited Wayne and Mary Ellen Deloach after church on Sunday.

Kathy Zellmer returned home this week from Missoula. She took care of Jen and Nito Cuarsmo’s children while Jen went to El Salvadore with a group from the college. On her way home,Kathy dropped the kids off at Bible Camp at Flathead. She spent the night at Sara and Randy Johnson’s in Kalispell on the way home.

Josh Hiniker returned home to Missoula after spending some time at the Zellmer home. He rode back with sister, Melissa. They returned home for a party for brother Troy who is going in the service soon.

Diana Maloney, Hilary Richman, Anita and Brooke Reed were over after church Sunday and had a yard day at Mom and Dad Krass’.

Valerie Russell, Noelle and Leo visited Monday -Wednesday morning at the Wally Beck home. Valerie is Wally’s sister Karen’s daughter, and neice of Wally. Kevin Beck joined them for supper on Monday evening. On Tuesday, Wally and Loretta Beck, Harley Jo Beck, and Valerie and kids went to Crystal and Mike Grabofsky’s for lunch. The kids all went swimmimg in the afternoon. They visited Tuesdy evening at Shawn and Bobbi Becks. On Wednesday, Valerie and the kids left to visit her Dad in Havre.

Loretta enjoyed the brunch and service for Dakota Krass’ confirmation Sunday.

Susan Billmayer visited with Marna Strzelczyk in Harlem on Saturday morning.

Harlan and Jane Krass attended the Confirmation service and Brunch for Dakota Krass Sunday.

We’ve had a few cooler days this past week which was a welcome relief. Some received rain and a little hail, while other did not receive any rain. It sure has been spotty this year.

Gene and Susan Billmayer attended Confirmation and Brunch for Dakota Krass on Sunday.


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