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April 3, 2019

From the writings of the

Rev. Billy Graham

Q: Is it true that Queen Victoria believed in Jesus Christ?

A: In the biography of Queen Victoria there is a heart-warming story told. She went into the slums of London and visited the home of an elderly lady. When the queen rose to leave, she asked, “Is there anything I can do for you?” The woman said, “Yes, ma’am, Your Majesty, you can meet me in Heaven.” The queen turned to her and said softly, “Yes. I’ll be there, but only because of the blood that was shed on the cross for you and for me.” Queen Victoria, in her day the most powerful woman in the world, had to depend on the blood of Christ for her salvation; and so do we.

The Bible says that God is the Author of peace (1 Corinthians 14:33). God provided salvation through the cross. He made peace by the shedding of His blood. The war that exists between us and God can be over quickly because the peace treaty has been signed in the blood of His Son Jesus Christ. This is the heart of the Gospel message that has been proclaimed around the world. It is Good News. It is the best news. And the world desperately needs to hear it and heed it!

Colossians 3:15 says, “Let the peace of God rule in your hearts.” Do not miss the peace of God in your struggles, turmoil, trials and pressures of life. We can know with certainty the peace of God. Whatever the circumstance, whatever the need, whatever the duty, whatever the price, whatever the sacrifice—God’s strength can be yours in your hour of need, and He will grant you faith to believe and follow Him in your hour of decision.

Q: I am a big baseball fan. I heard someone compare hitting a home run that leads to “home,” to winning salvation that leads to Heaven? What is the analogy?

A: Years ago in a baseball game, the score was tied in the last inning with two outs. The batter came to the plate and hit a home run out of the park. The crowd went wild. For baseball fans, it is about the most exciting thing that can happen. But when the hero crossed home plate to score, the umpire yelled, “Out!” The crowd was stunned. The umpire explained that the batter had not touched first base.

That is the way with many people. They are Christians outwardly; they go to church and talk about being baptized, but have missed the most important thing—they have not been born again. They haven’t touched first base.

Nicodemus was one such man who came to Jesus. Though he was deeply religious, fasting, tithing, and teaching theology—he was not satisfied. He had missed first base—salvation—and then Jesus told Him what it means to be “born again.”

There are many proclaimers who teach that being baptized, going to church and doing good works will get us to Heaven, but it simply is not true. One of the saddest passages in all of Scripture is found in Mathew 7:22-23. Jesus said that many will say to Him that they have done great things in His name, but He will have to say, “Depart from Me—I never knew you.”

Salvation in Christ means being born again. We are all born physically, but to get to Heaven, one must be born spiritually. This is the gift of God that only He can give; and He freely gives it when we repent of our sin and come to Him with a humble heart by faith. This is truth.


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