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Sweet Medical Center addresses Mens Health


June 19, 2019

Men’s Health Month is back at you this week with another important topic! This week we are addressing the elephant in the room, Erectile Dysfunction. Once again, this topic may be a little uncomfortable to discuss with your provider but what you should know is that there are about 30 million men affected by erectile dysfunction and about half of those men are 40 years or older. It’s a common issue and a hot topic you should discuss!

Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by physical issues or psychological/emotion components. Let’s discuss the physical causes first.

1. Not enough blood flow to the penis- this can be caused by smoking, heart disease and even regularly elevated blood sugar levels!

2. Inability to store enough blood flow in the penis- this can be caused by a venous leak or cavernosal dysfunction (dysfunction of the erectile tissue that engorges with blood flow to create an erection)

3. Nerve signals from the brain or spinal cord do not reach the penis- this can be caused by injuries or surgeries to the pelvic area and certain neurologic illnesses

4. Medication side effects- some medications can influence erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction can also be caused by psychological and emotional conditions. Examples of these are anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder or past sexual traumas. Struggling to work through psychological/emotional problems can impair your ability to get, keep or maintain your erection. It is very important to talk about any issues that may be influencing your ED.

Erectile Dysfunction can largely be treated successfully. Important components to successful treatment are modifying unhealthy habits that can influence ED, review of your medications and exclude their potential influence, discussion and potential for helpful counseling for psychological and emotional influences and evaluation for need of medication or devices to help with ED. 7 out of 10 men have been successfully helped with medication!

Stella got her groove back, why can’t you! Don’t wait to discuss your concerns with erectile dysfunction. Reach out to Sweet Medical Center at 357-2294 and work with a provider to get your groove back!


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