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 By Lindsay Rucinsky    News    July 3, 2019

Sweet Medical Center addresses Sun Safety

It looks like summer may finally be joining us! There are many fun events heading our way soon starting with the fair, swimming lessons and an all class reunion. Let’s take a moment to discuss one of the very important issues during the summer,...

 By Lindsay Rucinsky    News    June 26, 2019

Sweet Medical Center addresses Mens Health

It’s the final week for Men’s Health Month! Though we are sad to see the month close, I’d like to end it with a very powerful topic of discussion and an imperative key to men’s health. This week’s topic is Mental Health. The statistics...

 By Lindsay Rucinsky    News    June 19, 2019

Sweet Medical Center addresses Mens Health

Men’s Health Month is back at you this week with another important topic! This week we are addressing the elephant in the room, Erectile Dysfunction. Once again, this topic may be a little uncomfortable to discuss with your provider but what you...

 By Lindsay Rucinsky    News    June 12, 2019

Sweet Medical Center addresses Mens Health

Men’s Health Month continues with another important topic! Sometimes it gets a little difficult to talk about what we consider our “embarrassing” issues. But stop right there because nothing about your health should ever be embarrassing! So...

 By Lindsay Rucinsky    News    June 5, 2019

Sweet Medical Center addresses Mens Health

It’s Men’s Health Month and Sweet Medical Center is diving into some of the big topics on Men’s Health! This week let’s talk about Heart Disease. Did you know that Heart Disease is the LEADING cause of death in men! 1 in 4 male deaths to...


Cervical Cancer is Preventable: There are simple ways to protect yourself and your children

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month, which makes it the perfect time to tell you how easy it is to prevent cervical cancer. Worldwide, cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women. This is very sad since it’s very...


No Flu Shot Yet? What's Stopping You?

All of us at Sweet Medical Center (SMC) know that immunizations are key to good health. An extensive amount of research and testing goes into developing all types of immunizations, so we are confident...


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