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Sweet Medical Center addresses Mens Health


June 26, 2019

It’s the final week for Men’s Health Month! Though we are sad to see the month close, I’d like to end it with a very powerful topic of discussion and an imperative key to men’s health. This week’s topic is Mental Health. The statistics behind men’s mental health is staggering and shows how little discussions are being had to ensure that men’s mental health needs are being addressed. There are over 6 million men who suffer from depression; however, it is often undiagnosed as they present with fatigue, irritability or loss of interest in hobbies or work. There isn’t necessarily the presentation of feeling sad or worthlessness.

Mental health also encompasses more than depression. It includes anxiety, alcohol dependency, eating disorders, personality disorders and more. There are about 19.1 million adults with anxiety disorders, 1 in 5 men develop alcohol dependency (veterans nearly twice that rate!), 3.5 million people diagnosed with schizophrenia and about 90% of them are men around the age of 30, 10% of men have anorexia or bulimia and about 35% of people with binge eating disorders are male. Men are struggling with mental health issues, we see you, we want to hear you and we will fight these struggles with you!

Suicide in males has been rising since 2000 and is now the 7th leading cause of death in males. The highest rates are found in Caucasian men over the age of 85, however gay and bisexual men are more likely to struggle with mental health disorders and increased risk of suicide especially before the age of 25. It is found that men use a more lethal means for suicide and therefore over 4 times as many men than women die from suicide. At no point in time do we ever want you to feel like your struggles are greater than the desire to live your life. Help is here and reaching out to you.

You are not alone! Talk with your family and friends about mental health and you will be surprised that many are struggling with a component themselves. Some males that you may have seen through professional sports have also taken a stand with their mental health. Here are just a few!

• Brandon Marshal- Receiver for Miami Dolphins

- Announced he has borderline personality disorder

• Larry Sanders- Center for Milwaukee Bucks

- Left NBA to address his anxiety and depression

• Earl Campbell- Hall of Fame running back

- Diagnosed with panic and anxiety disorder, wrote about his struggles in his autobiography

We are here for you, take the time to not only discuss your physical health but your MENTAL health as well. Not only are the providers ready to hear you, but our mental health team is ready too! We have the ability to see you consistently and to provide a safe and private environment to finally let your struggles out and to allow someone to fight this battle with you. Call Sweet Medical Center today at 357-2294.


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