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Sweet Medical Center addresses Sun Safety


July 3, 2019

It looks like summer may finally be joining us! There are many fun events heading our way soon starting with the fair, swimming lessons and an all class reunion. Let’s take a moment to discuss one of the very important issues during the summer, Sun Safety!

When out in the sun we are exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays (UV) which are the number one cause of skin cancer. We also can have this exposure when using tanning beds or sunlamps. Too much exposure to these rays can also cause sunburn, eye damage, and premature wrinkles. Often times the damage to our skin begins when we are younger and develops into precancerous lesions or cancer lesions themselves as we age. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United State! So take the steps to begin protecting yourself now!

1. Cover up- wear a wide brim hat when you’re out in the sun and cover up as much as possible with clothing such as longer pants and long sleeve shirts. It’s also important to wear your sunglasses to protect your eyes, some glasses are better than others at blocking UV rays.

2. Sunscreen- Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen. This means you will be protected from two different ray types, UVA and UVB. UVB are the rays that most commonly cause sunburns and all sunscreens have this protection, however, UVA rays also contribute to skin cancer! Broad spectrum will give you full coverage. You also want to wear an SPF of 30 or greater. The SPF number is the level of protection the sunscreen offers. You are never 100% protected with sunscreen so it is important to remember to cover up! Please remember that “water resistant” does NOT mean “waterproof”. Reapplication after getting wet is required for protection.

3. Seek Shade- Always limit direct sun exposure as much as possible. The UV rays are the strongest between 10AM and 4PM. Locate shade when you know you will be at risk for longer sun exposure. If you are in an open area bring your own shade with umbrellas, canopies or tents.

4. Do NOT use tanning beds or sunlamps- these both can cause serious long-term skin damage and increase your risk for skin cancer.

Replace the sun kissed look with the protected look this year! Be an advocate for your skin’s health. Damage can be done in minutes, don’t risk fighting skin cancer in your future!

Stop into Sweet Medical Center today for a skin inspection and answers to any of your sun and skin concerns. 406-357-2294

Be sure to stop by and visit us at our booth at the Blaine County Fair!!


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