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Sweet Medical Center's Farmer's Market has a little something for everyone


August 21, 2019

At the most recent Sweet Medical Center Farmers Market there were plenty of vendors on hand. Amongst them were Trina Frickel (left) owner of Pallet Décor and her friend Joanna Teske. Pallet Décor offers custom wood signs as well as made to order Scubbies and towels made by Joanna.

The Sweet Medical Center has been for active in the community going way beyond providing necessary medical treatment. A big reason for that community involvement being such a success has been the hard work of Resource Support Specialist Nora Conner.

The Sweet Medical Center has been very active getting their message out and doesn't have any plans to scale back any time soon. Conner has been with Sweet Medical for the past four and a half years and says she wears many hats while performing her duties but one of which is to "Promote and grow the impact the Sweet Medical Center has on the community in the best way possible."

The Sweet Medical Center has put on several events the past four years ranging from Health Fairs to women's health, men's health and even a Farmer's Market.

Conner first started the Sweet Medical Center Farmers Market in August of 2018 and held two events. This year she has expanded the market to include five weeks with a possibility of a sixth.

As for wanting to start such an event Conner was convinced their is a definite need for it, "We are an elderly community and it can be very difficult for many individuals to travel outside of town to acquire the goods they need. We just want to be able to help those folks meet some needs they didn't think possible."

The intent of the Farmer's Market goes much further in its reach, "In addition we want to be able to give the community a chance to get together, listen to music, eat some food and just spend time together. We need more of that and if people can come here visit, catch up for a few hours then that's great," added Conner.

New community events like the Farmers Market can take some time to catch on and develop a steady following but Conner is all in on the project, "We want to build on the previous markets moving forward, keep expanding it, altering it until it becomes firmly rooted in what the community looks forward to and go from their."

"We did two markets last year and that was good, this year we wanted to do at least five weeks and run them in succession," said Conner. "Some suggested to just do it once a month but our goal is to incorporate it into the communities normal activity. We know it takes time but we're going to keep working hard to make it happen."

Ultimately the goal is to have people looking forward to it throughout the year, "For it to become part of peoples day to day lives near the end of summer, then maybe that leads to those groups or individuals thinking of items they want to sell or display through out the rest of the year. It would be neat to hear people coming up with ideas they want to present to the public in February, March, that they are looking forward to it.

As for the Farmer's Market this year, visitors can look forward to some good family fun. There is a band each week, some food and beverages are available and plenty of vendors are on hand to fill many needs.

Vendors have generally come from the Chinook Area, Harlem, Havre and Turner area and Conner is always looking for more.

Plenty of goods and services have been on hand ranging from "Cosmetics, woodwork, clothing, vegetables, baked goods, some engraving work, DoTerra Oils, massage therapy and so much more," added Conner. "We are hoping for more garden items to be available in the coming weeks as they become ready to be harvested."

Conner wants to remind everyone that with just two or three markets left that the best is yet to come. In addition the Sweet Medical Center has a number of events coming up in addition to the Farmers Market.

On Friday, September 6 at the Blaine County Fairgrounds Commercial Building the Sweet Medical Center will be hosting 'What Women Want Expo". This event will take place from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Conner encourages people to stop by and see what the Expo has to offer.

A number of vendors will be on location to visit with people as they come through. Those willing to schedule an appointment can utilize the 3D Mammo Bus that will be on sight. If interested call 1-406-237-4373 to schedule an appointment.

The following Friday, September 13 the Sweet Medical Center will be hosting a health fair at the Blaine County Library from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Plenty of services will be available including, Labs, EKG and Flu Shots. Snacks will be available and there is no need for an appointment unless you are doing the Chem Panel. Everyone is invited to attend the Health Fair.

Looking into October the Sweet Medical Center will be hosting a 'Diabetes Beatdown' at the Blaine County Fairgrounds Commercial Building on Saturday, October 19. Details will be available soon.


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