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October 30, 2019

Leaves are changing color

From summer’s shades of green

To rusts and golds and

shades between.

There’s a nip in the air; a chill,

Frost on the pumpkin, SNOW!

And it seems so dark;

so very, very dark.

Summer’s gone.

Autumn is here.

With autumn comes Halloween, oh dear!

With Halloween, come the VISITORS,

Nocturnal creatures,

grotesque features.

Witches with brooms

and pointy hats

Clothed in nothing but the blackest of black!

Zombies just arose from their graves,

They are stinky and smelly from rot and decay.

Beware of a ghost or two

Lurking in the shadows!

BOO Oooo!

Goblins, Vampires,

maybe Politicians too,

Will scare the living dickens out of you!

There might be an Astronaut or Train Engineer,

Unicorns and Beauty Queens may even be here.

The young Visitors will be carrying a bucket or a sack

And expect to get it filled with sweet treats or other snacks.

We don’t know what tricks they have planned for us

We’ll give them treats

so we don’t have to guess.

Let us show them we

can have fun!

Pick out a costume and

a mask to wear.

Stock up on treats: candy, chocolates, gummy bears.

When they come, answer the door with a smile.

This will be the most fun you’ve had in a long while.

The Visitors will be coming...

The early evening before the first day of the eleventh month of the nineteenth year of the second millennial.


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