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Junior Parli Pro Team Qualifies for State FFA Competition


December 18, 2019

During Winter District competition in Winifred last week, several FFA members took the Parliamentary Procedures exam. Here, Allysa Gruszie and Rielly Wiegand, with Ethan Liddle in the back left, concentrate on the written test.

The Chinook Chapter of the FFA attended Winter Districts on Tuesday, December 10 in Winifred and brought home two awards. The Junior Parliamentary Procedure team captured second place, a status which qualifies them for State FFA competition, and Morgan Friede placed third in FFA testing. The Chapter also fielded teams in both Senior Parliamentary Procedure and Agricultural Sales, but those teams didn't earn qualifying scores.

Torin Cercle, Ben LaVelle, Bree Swanson, Aislinn Handy, Morgan Friede, Ryley Hofeldt, Wylee Simenson comprised the Junior Parliamentary Procedure team and entered the contest called the Conduct of Chapter Meetings. The contest is an event on the Career and Leadership Development (CDE) pathway. Designed for FFA members in seventh, eighth and ninth grade, the Conduct of Chapter Meetings CDE introduces FFA members to parliamentary procedure as they learn how to conduct efficient meetings and build their communication skills.

During the event presentation, the Chinook team of seven FFA members had to assume various officer duties (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, reporter, sentinel, and advisor), demonstrate correct use of FFA opening and closing ceremonies, and communicate and participate effectively as a team while displaying skills in effective decision making. Additionally, each participant was challenged by a written exam about officer duties, meeting room preparation, and parliamentary procedure.

Competitive events on the CDE pathway serve as an outgrowth of instruction in the agricultural education classroom as FFA members develop college, career, and community readiness skills. Through CDEs, participating FFA members are challenged to develop critical thinking skills and effective decision-making skills. Furthermore, CDEs foster teamwork and promote communication while recognizing the value of ethical competition and individual achievement.

The Senior Parliamentary Procedure team of Kurtis Hamilton, Rielly Wiegand, Jase Pursley, Austin Swanson, Alyssa Gruszie, and Ethan Liddle also competed but didn't place in the top two. FFA members who place either first or second in District events like the one in Winifred qualify for State FFA competition.

In other Winter District competition, students competing in the Agricultural Sales CDE gain experience and skills essential to the production and marketing of agricultural products. The team event illustrates related careers and offers a firsthand look at developing product knowledge and driving sales.

Although each team in the Agricultural Sales CDE typically consists of four students, with each person's individual effort contributing to the team's final score, the Chinook FFA Chapter only fielded a team of three in Winifred. Jase Pursley, Kurtis Hamilton, and Ben LaVelle were challenged to sell Bayer chemicals, nozzle heads, and other example products. The three competitors received product information and customer profiles at the start of the event from which they collaboratively developed a sales plan. Judges then evaluated the collaboration process and the team's final sales plan. Individuals also completed a written exam that tested their sales concept knowledge.

According to their Chapter Advisor, Robin Allen, the team of three was at a disadvantage because they were missing a fourth individual score to contribute to the team's final score. Allen explained that this CDE is particularly suited to students interested in future careers involving sales and marketing, while also growing student skills in customer relations, advertising, and sales concepts.

Finally, Torin Cercle ran as the Chapter's Star Greenhand and placed third.

Cercle was required to recite the FFA Creed, take the FFA test, and undergo a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) record book review.

Because Allen is currently in Alabama attending a mandatory military training, she is advising the FFA from a distance. In her absence, the Winter Districts competitive event was chaperoned by Fay Friede. "I just keep them accountable for attending their events," Friede said.

The next event at which members can try again to qualify for State FFA will be Spring Districts in Harlem on February 4.


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