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Hogeland Happening


July 22, 2020

Sympathy is extended to the family of George Cichosz. He passed away this past week. He and his family lived many years out in Hogeland and will be remembered by many.

On Tuesday, Sharon Goodrich came over to see Jane and Harlan and they had tea together. She brought a delicious loaf of banana bread to share with them. So nice to have friends visit.

Crystal and Lucy Grabofsky and Loretta Beck went to Chinook on Monday for appointments. Cassidy and Holly stayed and helped Grandpa Wally and also tied up some tomato plants in the greenhouse.

Susan and Emily went to Havre for Emily’s Dr. appt on Thursday and also did some parts shopping.

On Wednesday, Linda Hauge, Diana Maloney, and Anita Reed Brooke and Bridget went over to visit Mom and Dad Krass and to help them. Bridget made lemon bars for all to enjoy while she was here.

We’ve had a few showers during the week to help the crops and yards.

Hilary and Natalie Richman were out to see Mom and Dad Krass and brought them some goodies on Saturday. Diana Maloney came also to see everyone after she had been at the cemetery to water.

On Saturday, the Firemens picnic was held in Turner but due to other things going on and the social distancing from Covid, quite a few were missing. That is too bad because it is always something to look forward to.

Diana Maloney and Anita Reed came over to Mom and Dad Krass’ and helped them with a few things on Sunday.

A group of high school girls went to Whitewater and played a scrimmage basketball game on Friday.


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