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Zoom Meeting with Candidate Successful


August 26, 2020

Though a technology unfamiliar to many, the Blaine County Democratic “Zoom” meeting with Secretary of State Candidate on August 19 was a success, according to Democratic Chairman Greg Jergeson. Participants got the chance to visit with Senator Bennett, and as an added bonus, his mother Kathe McPherson, who grew up in Chinook.

Most of the conversation revolved around the primary responsibility of the Secretary of State’s office to work with County Clerk & Recorders to facilitate every citizen being able to exercise their right to vote.

“Whether it is the farmer out on the Lone Tree bench, the widow in Hays, the teacher in Harlem, the business person in Chinook, or the Soldier stationed in Afghanistan, we must make sure each, and all others, get the chance to vote,” Bennett stressed. “Efforts of our national administration to make mail-in voting more difficult are a direct affront to these, and all other residents of Blaine County,” Bennett concluded.

Though Zoom is known best as an Internet based, visual and audio application, Kyle Kuntz discovered the alternative method to phone in, enabling him to participate from the seat of his combine.


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