Chinook Senior Center


November 18, 2020

Many folks may have experienced boredom at some point, and in this time of pandemic, many may experience prolonged boredom leading to feelings of isolation and signs of depression.

Seniors are especially vulnerable to these feelings. Life changes such as retirement, changes in health and independence, and personal loss can all be contributing factors. The pandemic we are experiencing may further compound these feelings due to social distancing and avoidance of usual social activities.

It is important that we take good care of ourselves and reach out to our friends and neighbors, especially our seniors. We need to not only care for our physical health, but our emotional, spiritual, and mental health as well.

Activities that keep the brain stimulated can be helpful in combating feelings of boredom and isolation. Reading, puzzles, card games, listening to music, and talking on the phone are all good examples of activities that can stimulate the brain and bring feelings of well-being.

Our Meals This Week

Wed. Nov. 18 Biscuits & Gravy

Thu. Nov. 19 Hot Turkey Sandwich w/Gravy

Fri. Nov. 20 Lemon Pepper Fish

Mon. Nov. 23 Beef Stew

Tues. Nov. 24 - Pizza

Please call by 10 a.m. for all pick up and deliveries. 357-2648.

Cinnamon Roll orders need to be in by 3 p.m. on Tuesdays. We offer Caramel Rolls, Plain Cinnamon Rolls, and Maple Sticks. $1 each. Pick up is on Thursday starting at 7 a.m.

Think like a Proton, always positive.



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