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ROARing Students Announced


March 17, 2021

Kendell Lamebull (2nd grade), Caleb Stiffarm (3rd grade), and Mikaela Doney (6th grade) were chosen as the In-School ROARing Wildcats for the last week of February.

Harlem Elementary School officials have chosen four young Wildcats as the ROARing Students for the last week of February. They also named four additional winners in the first week of March.

Fourth grader Christopher Plumage was selected as Harlem Elementary School's Remote ROARing student for the week ending February 26.

Second grader Kendell Lamebull, third grader Caleb Stiffarm, and sixth grader Mikaela Doney were selected in late February as the in-school ROARing students of the week, while fourth grader Christopher Plumage was chosen as the remote ROARing student. Each of these young Wildcats earned their place on the ROAR Roster by being Respectful, Organized, (Always) Safe, and Responsible. School officials offer their "congratulations to this week's Rockin' ROAR students!"

During the first week of March, four additional students were honored. Second grader Duncan Kinsey, third grader Brooke First Raised, and sixth grader Alexandra Werk earned the title of Harlem Elementary's In-School ROARing Students of the Week. Kindergartener, Haven Hogan was also chosen as the Rockin' ROARing Remote student for the week ending March 5.

According to school spokesperson, Janice Gilham, "These deserving students are to be commended for modeling their positive behaviors and good citizenship at all times. Harlem Elementary applauds Duncan, Brooke, Alexandra, and Haven!"


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