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Monthly 4-H Meeting Minutes


March 31, 2021

White Pine

President, Emma Klingaman, called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm on March 18th , 2021 at the Triple E Room. There were 24 members, 2 advisors and 5 guests present.

The American Pledge was led by Abby Danley and the 4-H Pledge was led by Grace Buck.

Roll call was, “What is your favorite thing about spring.”

Grace Buck read the minuets from the February meeting. Zoe Scofield motioned to approve the minutes and Abby Danley seconded it.

Treasurer’s report: There are some outstanding checks from last years fair. Some of those people are no longer in our club and did not come collect their checks. Zoe Scofield motioned to reimburse the checks for those still in the club, Gus Buck seconded it. Motion passed.

Under old business, the Bucks and Klingamans will purchase and care for the chickens for our club to sell at the fair.

Under unfinished business, everyone was reminded that they need to do a demonstration before the end of the year.

Under new business, it was suggested that we build up our checking account and need to do some fundraisers. A car wash and bake sale were suggested. We decided to do a carwash with a bake sale on April 24th from 1pm to 4pm. Gus Buck motioned to have the carwash/bake sale and Zoe Scofield seconded it. Motion passed.

Announcements: There is a swine workshop 28th of April. May 1st is the deadline for adding or dropping projects. May 15th is the deadline for lamb/pig weights.

Demonstrations: Owen Davies

Daniel Tilleman motioned to adjourn the meeting and Charlie Buck seconded it. Meeting adjourned.

Thank you to the Tilleman family for hosting our meeting. The next meeting will be April 15th, 2021 at the Triple E Room.

Grace Buck, Secretary

Big Flat 4-h Club

The March meeting for Big Flat 4-h Club was on March 21st at Richman Insurance in Harlem, Montana. Members at meeting were: Katie, Colten, Jessa, Hannah Richman, Natalie, Isabella, Hannah Van Voast Izzy and Ozzy. Katie led the American pledge and Jessa led the 4-h pledge. Hannah Richman reported on the LQA workshop. Isabella and Hannah talked about the quilting workshop. For our next meeting everyone needs to bring ideas for an educational booth at the fair. Hannah Richman gave a report about how to make waffles with a topping and Natalie gave a report about how to make fruit compote. Dr. Lane Schmitt talked about common diseases and common vaccines in animals.

Submitted by Isabella Joy Van Voast


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