Upstart Weather Prognosticator Chinook Chuck No Challenger to Punxsutawney Phil


February 8, 2023

Students at Chinook's Funshine preschool met Chinook Chuck during Groundhog Day last week. The four-year olds seemed a bit unsure about a talking with the groundhog and didn't seem to care much about how much winter is left. They did enjoy the pudding cups with decorated cookies the groundhog brought.

Looking back at records ofstories I've written for the "Journal" I found my only story about Groundhog Day was written in 2019 when Sherry and I were living in Whitlash while she served the Presbyterian Church there. I learned about the hairy marmot that lives in the Sweet Grass Hills but folks up there pooh-poohed the idea of a marmot predicting how much longer winter might last.

Closest I could get to finding furry weather forecaster back on the prairie was Marmaduke Marmot, a mythical creation of writer Robby Lucke. Lucke created Marmaduke in a 1986 column in the "Havre Daily News" und...

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