Ancient Order of the Deep: an Encore


March 1, 2023

Marilyn Granell, left, and Peggy Perry, right, serve Russ Skones, center, Aquavit, during a replay of Norwegian dinners once enjoyed by members of the Ancient Order of the Deep. Marilyn and Peggy (aka "The Sisters") recreated and hosted a Norwegian dinner faithfully eaten several times annually until the late 1970's by a group of men who called themselves the Ancient Order of the Deep. Russ Skones, one of two remaining members of the group, is shown enjoying a toast of Aquavit served by Marilyn and Peggy.

Alert readers may recall my story about the Ancient Order of the Deep that ran last August in the "Journal." The Ancient Order... was a Chinook-based group of men who gathered a few times each year to enjoy a Norwegian dinner and the main course was always lutefisk-dried and salted cod reconstituted and cooked for eating. Lutefisk is a traditional holiday dish prepared and consumed in many Nordic countries. The Ancient Order was the brainchild of Blondie Austad, a famed local connoisseur of eating and cooking lutefisk.

I learned about the group that operated roughly from the early 1950's t...

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