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June 14, 2023

You know, Lord, innumerable words have been, and still could be written about June. Here’s an excerpt from “God’s Calendar”, By William A. Quayle: “June is the rose month, but God’s calendar is not made by things men grow but by things God grows Himself. Wild roses, gentle of perfume, flushed like the cheeks of a happy girl, petal dainty as cut by some skilled lapidist from sardonyx freighted with wonder. Wild roses are not double. Some flowers do not improve by doubling up. The rose does not. Simplicity is the heritage of violets and wild roses. They are so satisfying as they bloom in the wild, that any finger’s touch on them is like a finger touch of the frost on a grape cluster.

“Thickets of wild roses on June ravine sides or in ravine beds or clumps of them across a pasture field where the flocks are feeding, roses thickets smiling out in perfumed laughter. Oh, day in June when the wild rose blooms and the wind strays indolent as drowsy thoughts and the blue sky has its upleap of wonder, and the bird nesting in the rose thickets tosses on a straggly bit of rose branch and sings its madrigal in pure joy of life and nest and rose in bloom and love – when the roses thickets bloom and June days laugh out, heaven is nearer than the white clouds sailing fleets across the sky.”

Like today, with a most gentle prairie breeze, clear skies, warm sunshine, know that even Ice Cream, sweeps over one – it’s all so healthy, refreshing, relaxing and filled with LOVE. May we all enjoy JUNE. Thank You, dear Father, for the lovely roses that are blooming in our neighborhood, and Father, please help us to hold onto all that You give us, with an open hand.

Love, Mara


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