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Bear Paw Meanderings


December 6, 2017

It is that time of month, once again, for a December recipe of some sort.

I confess that I love this time of year because I love casseroles, Crock pot meals and meals that are made in just one dish.

This is one of those meals. It takes a couple of dishes but it is a wonderful supper for a cold winter night.

First, a tip about your left over turkey from Christmas. Be sure to always freeze some dressing so when you are going to be making stuffed pork chops, for instance, which this meal is, you will have some of your own delicious dressing.

You will need one large and thick pork chop for each serving. Have the butcher or you cut a split in the thickest part of the chop so you can stuff it with lots of dressing. You will also need a large sweet onion cut into rounds.

Other than spices, rosemary and sage, salt and pepper that is about all you will need except for some of your frozen dressing thawed and a box of your favorite rice mix. I like wild rice mixtures for this meal.

So, first thing brown your chops in oil. When browned let them cool enough to stuff. While waiting for them to cool, chop very thin a couple of rosemary sprigs and some sage. Reserve for a little while and make sure you have as many thick rosemary stalks as you have chops. You need one strong stalk for each chop.

Stuff the chops. Arrange them in a baking dish over a little oil or non stick substance. Sprinkle the sage and rosemary over the chops and arrange some onion slices over that. Now take a rosemary stalk and run it through the chop to hold the dressing in. Bake for an hour at 350 degrees.

Meanwhile in the pan you browned the chops in, cook the rice mixture according to directions on the box. As the rice cooks, keep it a tad on the dry side When the chops and dressing are done and the rice is done, pour some of the chop juices over the rice and serve.

This is a great meal for a cold day and is easy to make.

Bon Appitite!


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