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Juli Snedigar is new Blaine County Ag & 4-H MSU-Extension Agent


June 13, 2018

Juli (Sather) Snedigar is the new Ag & 4-H MSU-Extension Agent for Blaine County. She is shown pointing out on a county map where she grew up on a farm outside Harlem. Juli attended grade school in Zurich, graduated from Chinook High and worked several years for the Extension Service in Blaine County. She, her husband, Russell, and the couple's two children will be relocating to the area from Malta. Juli began her new job on June 1.

Juli (Sather) Snedigar is the new Ag & 4-H Extension Agent in Blaine County. Juli served as the county's 4-H & FCS (Food and Consumer Science) Agent about ten years ago. A Blaine County native, she grew up on a farm in the Milk River Valley near Harlem. Juli began her new duties on June 1.

She attended grade school in Zurich and graduated from Chinook High in 2000. She went on to earn an Associate's Degree in Agriculture Business from Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Technology with a minor in Agriculture from MSU-Northern in Havre. She completed her bachelor's degree in 2005.

Juli was hired by Blaine County MSU-Extension on the day she graduated from college and worked 2004-2005 as the Adult Education Coordinator, organizing, teaching and overseeing a variety of adult ed learning programs. When a vacancy occurred in June, 2005, she became the FCS & 4-H Agent. She served in that capacity until August, 2009 when she and her husband moved from the area.

She and husband, Russell, met at MSU-Northern and married in 2008. The couple moved to Culbertson, where Russell grew up. He went to work for the USDA Farm Service Agency in Richland County (Sidney). Juli took a position with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) as a soil conservationist. Later she became a 4-H Extension Agent in Richland County.

In 2012, the family moved to Malta where Russell took a new position with the Farm Service Agency. Juli worked as the Coordinator for the Milk River Watershed Alliance and as the Executive Director for the PhillCo Economic Growth Council. In 2015 she went to work for Independence Bank as a lender and was there for just over three years.

Back to Blaine County

Asked what excited her about this new position in Blaine County, Juli answered, "Every day I get to do what I love. I get to bring science-based research information to the people in Blaine County to help them improve their lives." She added, "This job brings me back to 4-H and Extension."

We talked about the job experiences she's had and how they relate to her new position. She explained, "I was a 4-H member for ten years so I have seen what 4-H can do from that perspective. The other job experiences have given me a varied skill set that I can use in my new position." She added it's a major advantage to already know a lot of locals in agriculture and 4-H and to be familiar with the area.

Juli and her family are excited to be returning home to Blaine County. Her husband, Russell, will continue to work with the Farm Service Administration with duties both in Phillips and Hill County. The Snedigars have two children, Colter, 7, and Janna, 5. Juli's husband, Russell, grew up in the Culbertson area. Juli is the daughter of Jeff & Barb Sather.

Juli said she was "happy to be back in Blaine County" and added, "I like to be out and about, not just at my desk. I'm really looking forward to greeting everyone again." Asked "What's your next big project as a new agent?" Juli responded she is very excited about the 2018 Blaine County Fair which will begin July 4 this year.


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