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Local candidates move in to next phase of 2018 campaign


August 22, 2018

Democratic candidate for Blaine County Sheriff John Colby welcomed guests to his "BBQ and Family Night" event hosted at the Commercial Building at the Blaine County Fairgrounds. In his opening remarks he spoke about his 20 years of experience in law enforcement and his desire to continue the open door policy of the current sheriff.

The 2018 general election is set for Tuesday, November 6. According to the Blaine County Clerk and Recorder, ballots for military personnel and citizen's living overseas will be mailed September 21. Regular mailed ballots will be sent to voters on October 12. Readers have already seen yard signs, billboards, TV ads and likely received information via email or social media. With the Election Day fast approaching, candidates all over the country are beginning to move their campaigns into high gear. Candidates are launching activities to get face-to-face with supporters and voters as election time nears.

In Blaine County there are only two contested county offices-the open county commissioner post and the office of sheriff. Last week John Colby, Democratic candidate for sheriff, held a "BBQ and Family Night" event at the commercial building at the Blaine County fairgrounds. The event was billed as a low key time to meet the candidate, hear what Colby's goals are if elected sheriff and "blow off some steam."

There was a good turnout for the Saturday night event. Colby's sister and her family as well as his mother had made the trip over from Williston, North Dakota to show their support. John's wife, Dawn, is a local girl and her family was well represented. The rest of the crowd was friends and supporters of John.

After burgers and brats with the trimmings, Colby showed a short video he made with talking points about his plans if elected sheriff. Later he spoke about the points and why he believes they would be a help to the operation of the sheriff's department. Colby's first goal is to enhance drug interdiction efforts in the rural areas. He mentioned the need to improve cooperation with Fort Belknap law enforcement as well as the Montana Highway Patrol "since so many drugs come in to our county via rural roads and highways."

A second point had to do with a desire to improve interdepartmental relationships among local and regional law enforcement agencies. He emphasized his desire to have good working relationships with Hill and surrounding counties as well as regional law enforcement agencies.

Supporters and family of Democratic candidate for Blaine County Sheriff John Colby gathered for a "BBQ and Family Night" at the fairgrounds in Chinook. Promoted as a low-key event to "blow off some steam" Colby presented a short video outlining his goals if he is elected sheriff and then spent the evening visiting with and greeting guests.

Colby also shared his frustration that sometimes citizens expect law enforcement to take action on a problem but citizens don't share their concerns with law enforcement. He said, "I want to make sure citizens feel comfortable telling our department about their concerns. We can't take action if we don't know about a problem. I want to educate the public about how they can help us deal with illegal activity."

Finally, he spoke about the need to complete the process for getting a good GPS system so deputies can more easily find locations to deal with emergency calls. He said, "The work is in progress but we need to complete getting all addresses into the system. A completed system would allow the sheriff's officers to more quickly respond, especially to rural areas."

Colby kept his remarks brief but emphasized he was always open to hearing concerns from people, as a candidate or as a current sheriff's officer. He added, "Sheriff Huestis has an open door policy. He is always willing to talk to anyone. I want to keep that policy if I'm elected sheriff."


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