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Blaine I Ambulance to offer Emergency Medical Training (EMT) course this fall


September 5, 2018

Blaine I ambulance crew members are shown practicing their lifesaving skills related to a cardiac event during a continuing education program. A class to certify new Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) is planned to start this fall. An informational meeting to learn more about the process to become an EMT and specifics of the new class is set for Wednesday evening, September 12, 7pm at the Chinook Fire Hall.

Blaine I, the ambulance crew based in and serving the Chinook area, plans to offer a basic Emergency Medical Training (EMT) course starting in the fall. Those who complete the 180 hour in-class program will qualify to take the state licensure exam.

Asked why the course was being offered, Dan Friede said, "Like any small community, there is a need for volunteers to serve on the ambulance crew. Looking ahead we know of at least four current crew members who will be retiring within the next year and a half. It's important to get some new members trained, licensed and give them time to gain experience to step into roles with the ambulance crew."

Lead instructors organize and facilitate the EMT training class. Often crew members or other community members with related expertise to a topic do the actual teaching. New lead instructors for the upcoming EMT class include Lynn Friede and Josh and Ashley Nordboe. Colleen Overcast, a longtime lead instructor, will be assisting the new facilitators.

Volunteers serve on ambulance crews for a variety of reasons. Some recognize the need in small communities for an ambulance service and step up to fill the role. Others enjoy the feeling of being a part of a close knit group and like the camaraderie that develops with a crew. And some become EMTs knowing they will learn skills that could help them save the life of a family member, friend or neighbor.

There is an informational meeting set for Wednesday, September 12, 7pm at the Chinook Fire Hall, located at the south end of Illinois Street. The meeting is open to anyone interested in learning more about becoming an EMT. The class will cover several topics including class requirements, the class schedule (days and times the class will meet), the costs involved to take the class and continuing education requirements to maintain an EMT license. The class will take four to five months to complete.

If you have questions before the informational meeting or cannot make that date, call Lynn Friede during work hours at Dan's Auto Parts, 357-2615. Or leave a message on Facebook at Blaine I Ambulance.


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