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October 31, 2018

As we wrap up the first quarter at Chinook Public Schools I would like to share several academic adventures our staff has started to embark on

Robotics, Coding and Stem Curriculum: At both buildings we are have a strong integration of Science, Technology and Math programs in our classrooms. At the elementary level the gifted and talented program has worked on coding and robotics the last several years. Along with coding Mr. Martin has started a robotics club using lego Mindstorm kits. The group has been very busying designing and building some great projects. At the high school Mr. Heilig and Mrs. Molyneaux have jumped in to integrating coding and robotics into the our programs. It will be fantastic to see where the journey takes them. The elementary classrooms have an new integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Curriculum

Flipped Classrooms: Several classrooms including Ms. Wood and Mr. Heilig have begun the process of designing a flipped classroom course. What this entails is our instructors providing our students with videos of their lessons to watch as homework. When the students come to class the instructor and students work on the skills shown in the videos. This allows for more intervention and skill building time with teachers and students working together.

Classroom Craft: Mr. Harwood is diving into a educational game called Classroom Craft. The interactive program uses a game format to teach students, teamwork, good habit and curricular materials. The program is based on several popular video games, but requires students to perform academic endeavors to earn points to acquire rewards.

Digital Field Trips: The elementary classes have been using interactive digital field trips to visit our state and the world. What an exciting adventure to visit all types of experiences and visit with new people who can answer questions and guide the learning experiences.

Music: The music program showcased their hard work at the fall music concert. Along with the concert we have seven students representing Chinook High School at Honor Choir/Band this fall. The numbers and quality of our students in Pep Band keep increasing throughout the school year.

Summary: These are just of a few of the adventures our students have been introduced to the last several years. Chinook Public Schools has a fantastic group of educators who strive to find new and exciting ways to educate our young folks. This group of people invest a ton of extra time, effort and energy to improving the lives of all of the young people in the community. I would also like to commend the efforts of our students in this process. The effort, kindness and pride that our students put into their endeavors is commendable and worth watching. As a community I encourage you to take a look at what the students and staff of Chinook Public Schools are doing. I believe that they are are representing us very well and our tax dollars are being put to good use.


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