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Harlem Golf Association again raffling off 34 guns in 34 days beginning on Christmas


December 19, 2018

Chris Carpenter, left of Chinook Tire & Lube and Don Richman, right with a few of the guns that will be raffled off as part of a fundraiser for the Harlem Golf Course. Carpenter provides the Association with the guns, at cost and does all the background checks as well before presenting winners with their gun. The association is counting on a great raffle to help ensure the course can stay open.

The Harlem Golf Course is coming off a very difficult year. Record snowfall in January and February of 2018 led to severe flooding in April, May and June that kept the course from opening until the July 4th weekend and put a severe strain on the course operation.

In addition to the late opening the course was faced with an incredible amount of damage from the flood, having to completely renovate some fairways, repair greens and remove debris.

The Harlem Golf Association is again holding a raffle that will offer 34 guns in 34 days and for the past couple of years has been a lifesaver for the course. Now with things in their current state it's success is vital to the course, "We're in a tough spot right now," said Association President Don Richman. "With the late opening, later than we've ever had. It puts us in a real tough spot. We were struggling before, but now we need to have a real good raffle to keep the course operating or we may have to close."

Chris Carpenter of Chinook Tire & Lube has provided the Association with guns at cost for the raffle all three years it has been held, "We are proud to be able to help the Harlem Golf Association and are always willing to help out in the community," said Carpenter. Winners of guns can pick them up at Chinook Tire & Lube where they will do the required background check and necessary paperwork.

The raffle contains guns of all types from pistols such as .22 mag, 9mm, .45 long, Colts, .38's and 40's. Rifles include a .223, .243, 6.5 Creedmoor, .270's, .30.06, 30/30 and a .204. Shotguns include both a 20 gauge and a 12 gauge.

Richman states that the drawings will be done live on their facebook page. Simply log into your facebook account and type Harlem Golf course in the search bar. The drawing will be done by Course Superintendent Lyle Faulkinberry at approximately 4:00 p.m. the day of the drawing.

The first drawing will be on Christmas Day. The second gun will be drawn for on New Years Day. After that a drawing will be held on February 1 and March first. The remaining 30 guns will be drawn for daily throughout the month of April.

The Harlem Golf Association normally holds its annual fundraising banquet at the end of April but with VFW no longer it's location is still up in the air. "We have some things in the works, hopefully we can get one to work. If not we'll just have it at the course," said Richman.

A successful raffle would go a long way in ensuring the community will have a course in Harlem.

Tickets can be purchased at various locations throughout Blaine County or from a Harlem Golf Association member.


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