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We honor our local Volunteer Fireman National Fire Prevention Week


October 9, 2019

Firefighters in each Department as

provided to the Blaine County Journal:

Chinook Volunteer Fire Department

Jim Conrad - Captain, Debbie Cross – Treasurer, Ian Davies – Captain

Scott Gallus – Assistant Chief, Preston Gilmore, Jason Haider - Captain

Kraig Hansen – Chief, Dennis Kleinjan, Kylee (Kaul) Minnis, Aaron Morrow, Greg Mosness - Secretary, Chris Mundlin, William Robb,

Durwin Williams – Captain, Elmer D Zarn, Karla Kennedy-Zarn

Donald Cross, Adrian Reichenberg, Billy Haugen – Reserve, Dan Friede - Reserve

Harlem Volunteer Fire Department

Robert Scheffelmaer - Chief, Reece Scheffelmaer - Assistant Chief, Grant Stout - Assistant Chief, Candus Scheffelmaer, Keenan Fetter, Steven Hopkins, Kevin Aberg, Byron Yellowrobe, Troy Kuntz , Joe Abate, Kyle Kuntz, Lauren Scheffelmaer, Joel Schroder, Aaron Schroder

Hogeland Volunteer Fire Department

Kevin Beck, Shawn Beck - Captain, Adam Billmayer, Eric Billmayer,

Gene Billmayer, Steve Humphreys, Levi Hawley, Alton Mathews – Chief,

Axell Modic, Paul Rasmussen, Robert Scheffelmaer, John Schneider,

Jay Snider, Zac Snider - Captain, Aaron Van Valkenburg, Kevin Van Valkenburg,

Ed Zellmer, Jordan Zellmer – Assistant Chief

Lloyd Volunteer Fire Department

Russell Alisch, Bill Barber, Casey Barber, Cody Barber, Frank Barber,

Craig Benzing, Kory Cecrle, Larry (Orville) Faber, Teddy Faber, Henry Gordon, Allen Gruszie, Trisha Gruszie, Clayton Hofeldt, Dale Hofeldt – Chief,

Levi Hofeldt, Max Hofeldt, Rodney Hofeldt, Mike Keller, Garrison Mitchell, Clinton Pankratz, John K. Schoen, John M. Schoen, Klint Swanson, Gordon Young

South Blaine Fire Company Organization

Walter Bold, Ted Crowley, Teddy Crowley, Jack Davies, Mark Davies, Kevin Elias (North), Todd Ford, Brian Gasvoda, Dana Gasvoda, John Gilmore (North),

Grabofsky, Lance Halingstad (North), Clinton Hansen, Dwight McConnell,

Dan Mitchell, Daryl Mitchell, Dennis Mitchell, Doug Mitchell, Keith Raty, Tyrel Raty, Don Ross – Chief, Tanis Ross, Randy Root, Tyler Scofield, Howard Sivertsen,

Dan Skoyen (North), Duane Skoyen (North), Merle Young

Turner Volunteer Fire Department

Johannas Brown, Colter Cederberg - Captain, Max Cederberg,

Keith Cowan – Captain, Taylor Fouts, Brian Fox, David Jones – Chief,

Matt Grabofsky, Danny Kimmel, Garrett Maloney – Capt/Training Officer,

Gavin Maloney, – Assistant Chief, Randy Maloney,

Steve Reed – Secretary/Treasurer, Bryan Ricci, Alan VanVoast, Jess VanVoast,

Fort Belknap, Hays and Lodge Pole also support their own

Volunteer Fire Departments.

Firefighters Prayer:

When I am called to duty, God

wherever flames may rage,

give me strength to save a life,

whatever be its age.

Help me to embrace a little child

before it's too late,

or save an older person

from the horror of that fate.

Enable me to be alert

to hear the weakest shout,

and quickly and efficiently

to put the fire out.

I want to fill my calling

and to give the best in me,

to guard my neighbor

and protect his property.

And if according to your will

I have to lose my life,

bless with your protecting hand

my loving family from strife.


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