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What's in store for us this winter? Warm/Cold, Wet/Dry, right now it seems to be anyones guess


October 9, 2019

Here is the graph depicting the three month (December/January/February) precipitation outlook for North America. The precipitation graph shows above normal moisture for a third consecutive year and the National Weather Service seemed much more confident in that assessment than the temperature, so prepare for another wet winter.

What can anyone say about the weather in North Central Montana, especially when it comes to October-March. Most residents of Blaine County have lived here for the majority of their life and as adults with 20-30-40 years of living on the Hi-line we can say we've pretty much seen it all. Even newcomers to the region, with just five to ten years of living in the region, can say they have pretty much seen it all.

It's easy to look back to 2015 when we experienced a more than mild winter and plenty of people were able to enjoy the great outdoors with plenty of comfort. As a golfer I can recall p...

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