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Chinook School Board discusses plenty at October Meeting

Chinook Public Schools held their regularly scheduled board meeting on Tuesday, October 13, 3030. Present were Trustees Jamie MacLeod, Kevin Elias (ZOOM), Mitzi Cecrle (ZOOM-8:46PM), Daniel Dahl, Scott DePriest, Frank Billmayer, Russell Alisch, Shane Stroebe, and Vanessa Schoen.

Welcomed visitors included Matt Molyneaux, Shane Bartschi, Kendall Harwood, Shandel Fouts, Rebecca Stroh, Tammy Jungers, Nathan Jungers, Cherie Edwards, Tammy Edwards, Chrissy Downs, Michael Jones, Emily Scofield, Sheena Barber, Kelsey Harry, Jill Paulsen, Linda Thompson, Sue Reid, Julie Terry, and Laura Kellam. Zoom:...

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